official Meta Creative Marketing Partner for Facebook and Instagram

The Meta Marketuing Partner badge, which Poterby Media received in 2023, recognises specialist creative solutions, which combine art and technology in order to produce high-quality assets that drive results across Meta apps and services. 
As a Meta Business Partner, we have been recognized as a qualified member to help you produce content through the creator community to amplify your marketing strategy. Leverage authentic and relevant content to fuel your ad campaigns, sell products, or engage with your customers on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s take your brand to the next level together.
Why is this partnership so important
to Customer
This partnership was forged to assist advertisers of all sizes in achieving their business goals across awareness, consideration and conversion campaigns. As a Meta partner we:
Streamline the process of marketing and branded content production. 
We help create and deliver authentic brand messaging at a competitive price point.
Have undergone a formal vetting and approval process to ensure that we are a leader in our industry and are championing innovation. 
Have an in-depth understanding of Facebook and Instagram creative considerations and products.
We are recognised as an official Meta Creative Marketing Partner for Facebook and Instagram, and can't wait to see how we grow our relationship to continue delivering success for our clients.
Case studies
For Meta
M∙A∙C Cosmetics
M∙A∙C Powder Kiss
Ahead of the launch of the new MAC Powder Kiss range, we worked with creators to deliver authentic and engaging content focused on MAC’s newest product. Our diverse range of creators produced Instagram feed posts, Reels, and TikTok content along with Instagram Story frames. In creating genuine and informative content, they were able to bring to life the key product benefits of the new Powder Kiss range and encourage their followers to explore MAC’s newest product.
Content Pieces